About Us

Part of the Vélez & Illingworth group, a group that hires top professionals to innovate housing projects that provide owners with the warmth of a safe home. Working with award-winning architects and consultants from the United States, to reach an international standard of quality and safety for its clients.

We have invested time and dedication to bring a new housing standard to Ecuador. Dr. Magdalena Vélez has developed projects for more than 35 years and uses her extensive experience to provide project security, J. David Illingworth has worked in the best housing sectors in Texas in the United States and brings her knowledge to provide criteria, and bring protocols and modern security to the Ecuadorian sector.

Why live in Berakhah?

Your safety is our priority. One of the most important advantages of gated communities is the level of security offered to residents. Because access to the gated community is limited to residents and their guests, there are fewer opportunities for unwanted visitors and vendors to enter the community. The restricted entry, and our professional security staff are excellent deterrents for those with malicious intent. Permanent security guard, who will guard the entrance to a gated community. Almost 90% of modern families leave all of their most valuable belongings alone at home during the day.

Speeding is an all too common problem in most residential neighborhoods. Vehicles passing on major highways can be reckless drivers and can cause accidents. This creates a noisy and unsafe environment for children and pets. Gated communities require drivers to stop before entering and exiting in addition to having an internal speed limit. This forces them to be more aware of their surroundings creating security for their loved ones.


Safety is a must! Berakhah will implement with its members advanced security systems and strict security protocols so that you and your family have a peaceful life.


Unlike living in apartments, Berakhah houses offer you a perfect balance between your privacy and your need for socializing. Inside your home, there are no disturbances that violate your privacy.


Time is golden. Our urbanization values ​​your time, you can save time and money. All their future owners have to do is contribute the respective maintenance fee.


Swimming pool, Gym, Club House, and private playground, as well as sauna for your use. After the pandemic we understand that being at home should not be a punishment.

Secure property values

Living in a community like Berakhah provides residents with the security and confidence of investing in high-value real estate, while adding great value to their overall investment.


Located in one of the best areas of the metropolitan area of ​​Quito, Tumbaco. This area is highly valued for being strategically located. Likewise, it is located only 15 minutes from the Airport. The area is in high growth since it is one of the greenest areas with pure air. Free from environmental pollution near the commercial areas of Quito.

Do you have a question?

If you need to communicate with us about our available properties, our working days are from Monday's to Thursday's from 10:00 AM until 5:00 PM